In today’s era, growing any business has become extremely tough. It is like the company needs to have their hands on every pot while wearing hats. We are always surrounded and bounded by several tasks around us, which leads us to invest very little time into web designing, which is also a very crucial task to grow your business.

Customers look for safety and comfort to complete their purchase from any website, which also helps them to come back to the right site. To stand a chance to differentiate your business website from the rest, it Is important to follow the trends stated below.


Here are the very top 5 web design trends that will help your business grow faster:

  1. Video landing page: Incorporating or using videos into the web designs is basic and can’t be considered as a brainer at least in 2020. As per the data, 78% of users on the internet prefer to watch videos online. However, publishing videos on YouTube is an old school, and everybody does that. Then what difference are you doing?
    Don’t do the usual and mundane tasks, which will not land you anywhere. Instead, It is time to take your website to a whole new level by just creating a brand-new video landing page. Either you could target the specific video to the action of direct call on a particular web page or create an exciting video that automatically plays as the user visits your home page. Such approaches help in creating a definite brand identity for your brand.
  2. Parallax Scrolling: In our lives, the experiences related to the digital world have no doubt improved drastically, but it has a flip side, which has made the people extremely lazy. The digital world has made people that lazy that now, clicking a button now has become far out of reach of the possibility. Hence, Parallax Scrolling is what is needed. The uneven and different sort of scrolling has resulted in combating consumers laziness to a whole new level, and the only way to engage them is through visually appealing. The reason why Parallax Scrolling has gained so much popularity is that it involves not a general but a deeper form of scrolling, including the single-page website designs and helps in rendering vital information.
  3. Calls to action- Animation: Calls to the work have become evil in the world of website design. The fact, however, remains intact, that customers are dependent and won’t know exactly what needs to be done unless you spoon-feed them many times! Also, the catch here is that you cannot tell your customers point blankly what do to, this is not what they are looking for. There are looking forward to instructions and stimuli from every corner of the web. Hence, you would need to put in extra efforts to stand out when it comes to providing effective communication to your potential customers, such as adding different forms of animations might be a ticket to grasping their attention.
  4. Customer Typography: No website can go without texts. However, there were old days when we used Arial or Times New Roman or various other basic fonts. Now is the time to up your text game stable with some very different typography, which will give your brand an altogether new identity while continuously indulging in the process of communication with your clients. Some brands choose to use typography in their logo designs, or other businesses prefer to sprinkle these basic fonts throughout the entire web design.
  5. Artificial Intelligence: Despite all the internet wave in the current scenario, there is a section of society which does look forward to connections which is one of the main reasons why artificial intelligence has become popular. AI in the website designs does take many shapes. However, some of the famous examples include chatbots, personalization’s, or machine learning.
  6. Chatbots: These are used to influence the experience of the users directly. They have an engaging element in them, which helps in drawing customer attention.

Hence, by intelligently investing in web design, one can create a large pool of customer base and attract potential leads, which eventually leads to the growth of the business.