It is not tough to hold on to good employees. There are some of the mistakes that any company can avoid to ensure that they establish a good rapport with the employees and make a good image in the market.

Being in the field for more than a decade have taught me that if you wish to have good people working for you, then you need to give them proper environment to flourish and function.

If you as an organization keep on making mistakes, then good employees are the first ones to leave as they have most number of options. It is vital that you keep the people working for you engaged and help them in personal betterment as well. If you can’t guarantee growth and proper engagement, the good ones are tend to leave sooner or later.

Yes, I truly understand that it is difficult to maintain standards when the company has grown, but these are the same ethos that have bought us here in the first place and you MUST avoid such temptation of taking this things lightly. It is one thing to start any organization and a whole different aspect to maintain the established entity.

Here, I would like to talk about some outrageous rules that companies employ that results into alienating the entire workforce and demoralize the whole unit.

  • Get rid of the six month rule TODAY. Sticking to same position or not getting transferred for six months usually results into workers stuck to the role they’re not suited for. The days are gone when people used to stick around. Now, with so many options, they are tending to jump ship, rather than wait around. I would also like to suggest letting the manager take the call about when an employee is ready for a promotion or what role to assign.
  • It would be great if the companies realize that the people are salaried for the job they do and not for the hours they spent in the premises. When you cut off salaries for arriving five minutes late even though when you do not pay for the extra hours they have spent or the work they do on the weekends, then you are not setting the right example of equality. Also, try to avoid asking for unnecessary documentation in case of sick leave or such. After all, who will fake death of a relative to seek a day-off.
  • Self-expression of employees is their right. You have to realize that we are not in the stage where we have robots working for us. If you hire people, they will have expressions and they are allowed to display them on their desks. Let them put up family pictures, gods or anything that gives them positive vibes. The same goes for dress code. Let’s face it, sitting for eight to nine hours a day will need clothes that are comfortable and not the ones that shows professionalism. Yes, if someone crosses line, the manager can take action, but there is no point in having a strict dress code rule.
  • Restricting internet use is one of the most important aspects to understand. Blocking certain sites and not let the employee’s use them is a viable choice and I am not talking about Facebook or Twitter. Block obvious stuff like pornography and other such that are a threat to company policy or privacy. But the point is you must realize where to draw the line. People have the right to kill sometime over the internet during breaks. If the companies unnecessarily restrict workers internet activity, they are demoralizing the whole unit. It limits their ability to do proper jobs. Heavy restrictions on internet in some companies have resulted into shallow research and even the efficiency has decreased. Online research becomes difficult, for example, what if you want to check the Facebook or LinkedIn profile of someone you have just interviewed, then it won’t be possible with such high end firewalls.

The above mentioned points are just tip of the iceberg. There are many other facets that needs to be addressed that I think will help you get the best out of your employees. In order to take the topic into more detail, we will discuss some other points in my next post (Part 2). It will be a continuation of the same topic and meanwhile, if you have anything to add to the above mentioned ones, feel free to write in the comments section below.

If you are making any of the above mentioned mistakes, it is about time you make necessary changes.