You must be thinking how do they do it, right!

Majority of the highly organized people enjoy something that many of us surely endlessly strive for; and that is SUCCESS!

Just one major difference can help you get the answer to your question. The difference is that-

Organized people are just focused and extremely attuned to their thoughts.

Generally, it is said that what you do and the habits you have are almost directly proportionate to whom you believe you are. As a result, it can be said that the highly organized people are blessed with enough mental strength that creates solid, motivating beliefs that is unique from the core. This ends up with the identity-based habits. One of the major advantages of these identity-based habits is that- they are based upon who you believe you are.

There is one popular saying –


So by now, you must have been having a clear idea of how people get successful amid various types of adversities they face. 

Now, let us come to the main topic of our article. Here, I am sharing some of the best traits of highly organized people, rightly saying successful people that you must follow. Let’s have a quick look over that:


If you have come across the term ‘head space’ then just believe that there is such thing that really exists. When you are in the middle of something and any brilliant idea pops into your head just write it down somewhere. It may be any article idea, to-do tasks, marketing ideas or even the grocery list, the best thing you can do is just jot it down somewhere. It will clear your mind and you can stay creative.

Have enough FINANCIAL Awareness:

When you remain organized, one of the traits that automatically build up is to know exactly where the money is spent. You must develop a system for tracking down the profit and loss as well as returns on investment. If you are a novice and just don’t have any idea from where to start, better you start with the spreadsheet. This habit can be easily implemented once you have been habituated with noting everything down as discussed earlier.


ORGANIZE your Work and Living Space:

The more your work as well as living space is organized, the clearer your mind is. Having an organized space can help you to stay organized in the practical life as well. Just believe the thought that an organized space is equal to the organized mind! And this truly works. Just give a try to it!

The 15 Minute PICK-UP plan:

It is advised to spend a few minutes in picking everything up so that in the end you would have an idea where to find it in case when you need it. There are times when your days would be chaotic and so did not feel to keep things at its place. Just make out 15 minutes from your hectic schedule so that you can put everything in the designated places. You can try this with the children too. Make it a fun game by seeing who can pick up and put away most of the items in the given amount of time. In the end, you can give them rewards like chocolates or allowing them to play a few extra minutes.

Practice for MULTITASKING:

At many times, you must have observed or you must have faced the need of doing multiple things at a time. You have to double up everything and even carry out most of the things in just one trip. Just making a to-do list can help you a lot but most importantly having an active and stable mind can do wonders in this.


The Plan of Actions or the POAs can let you move forward step by step while serving as many processes or duties as possible.  You must have a plan or a system for everything that can help you further with the systematic approach for completion of various assigned tasks. You can involve your creative ideas in creating Plan of Actions the best way.

Thus, these were some of the best traits that can help you to stay organized the best way.


Everyone wishes to have a stable lifestyle and stay organized the best possible way. Some of the personality traits can help the best way in staying organized with your further plans.