Not only traveling, but planning a trip is also one kind of journey that one has to make along with their friends or family members. It starts with selecting a destination, making arrangement of transportation and managing accommodation. There are other factors that affect these decisions like timing, budget, personal preferences and so forth. So making a traveling arrangement already takes some efforts.

Traveling industry seems to be growing day by day and according to the experts there are fewer chances of occurrence of any kind of negative change in nearer future. The beginning of the change has already started with great response to IT innovations. The 2017 report of UNWTO stated that rise in the market share of tourism industry. It was 30 percent in 1980 and in 2016 it reached to 45 percent. The prediction is that the market shares will reach 57 percent by 2030. That means that there will be more than 1.8 billion international tourist arrivals.

Now ignoring this significant data is not a good idea. The field is already lucrative and it is going to stay like that for coming years. In such case, providing a flawless pr-travel experience is the key to success. The industry has already shifted in fifth gear with the online domain with an automated ecosystem which is coming up with the new innovation every now and then. However, the current virtual structure of tourism industry has few loop holes that need to be taken care of with better insight.

Here are few things that need proper attention:

Personalized content is rare:

We can say that the presence of personalized content in the online tourism industry is rare. The lack of such content is one of the biggest setbacks of current market. There are fewer efforts from the companies to create targeted content. There is lots of unnecessary information that annoys the potential traveler on individual trip planning portals. Providing users the information related to their interest is important rather than offering them a mess to book their trip. Here, the focus requires on the proper research to provide only helpful services at one place.

Less options for Customization:

The modern travelers have changed their traveling patterns. Now they don’t want to travel with the fix package, where they have to visit places with limited time. The latest trend in travelling is all about easy going. They follow ‘Do it yourself’ (DIY) model. It is very important that customers get good options with flexibility to arrange their trip as they like. It is about giving them total control over the trip. Offering them good options of destinations to choose from that comes in their budget and allows them to make changes in their traveling plans during the journey.

Serving the users by understanding their travel purpose:

Traveling today is not limited to only holidaying or outing. Today’s travelers have changed their ways and purposes. The trip can be for business, it also for a vacation form work, many travelers travel just to know different cultures and some trips are for medical purposes or for having a therapeutic experience, there are honeymoon trip and there are also solo travelers who want to explore the world. Getting insight of these purposes helps you to develop an efficient mobile application or website that shows the users the content relevant to their purpose.

Much requirement of end to end deal:

The main purpose of these traveling portals is to decrease the human dependency and give more room to a traveler for managing their trips. Today’s traveling portals are failing to provide end to end solution. This solution has to offer complete solution under one roof without letting customers shuffling from multiple applications. If these loopholes can be covered efficiently then it will be less wastage of time and a traveler would like to come back on the same portal for the next journey.

So finally, we can conclude that end to end solution, getting better idea of traveling purpose, giving them full control over the trip with the option of customization and with more and creative personalized content the industry can serve in a better way.