There were days when instant messaging (IM) was used as a coded language among the teenagers and school going kids but today; it has changed its whole face and adversely used as an instant way of communication in business world. May be because of its Voice over IP (VoIP) that has made video conferencing a lot easier for the business meetings or maybe it is because of its quicker process and time efficient communication. We never got to know about this life changing technology that we are getting addicted limitless of the age and profession.

Let us now focus on the pros and cons of this Instant Messaging system on our lives:

Talking about the benefits of it:                                     

1) It saves time and effort:

Any casual communication can be typed and sent to the recipient with a single click and merely in a fraction of seconds the recipients get your message and hence, the conversation takes place. Those long-term voice calls and hanging on the phone at one single position for hours got eliminated due to these IM systems. Also, the voicemail tags are also getting bygones because of the tiresome long time driving process it takes. The IM is a faster and quicker way to chat with your colleagues, friends, families, and traders in small business. Most of the people avoid the e-mail messaging because of the time taking response it offers. Instead, they opt for the IM system in case of emergency and quick replies.

2) Improve customer service:

The IM system feature of “presence awareness” has changed the whole problem solving and serving the customers on time. This feature lets you know about the presence or absence of your colleague in the office. Many a times, the employer is present but out for a lunch; at that moment it will indicate the absence of the employer and you can see for the person who is present to divert the customer query on the present employer.

In a business, it is very important to know the activeness of the employers. Take for an instance as, a customer calls you to check on some issues and the person in charge is currently unavailable then you can check the presence awareness list and can quickly divert your call to that department. This way, you solve your customer’s issue instantly, without wasting much time and your customer gets a satisfactory service, which becomes a plus point for your business.

3) Can connect you anywhere: 

After the invention of many wireless devices, many of the cell phones and mobiles have enabled the IM system in their devices. Now, you can text and chat in any emergency case at any place. A business issue can be solved even on busy airport lounges or any place where talking on the phone becomes uncomfortable.

These were some of the benefits of the IM system.

Now, let us talk about the harmful risks it has rooted in the business world:

1) Increased security risks:

As the IM system getting more popular in the business world, it is equally growing popular among the hacking world. Many of the e-mail viruses and spyware are caught in the IM attacks and can steal the confidential information from the company’s computer and spam your PC within seconds.

2) Chances of Legal risk increases:

Usually happen in an office environment; the employers take the IM system as a gossip platform and anything written against the company or the employers can be used against you as a legal proof. As per Government rules, the e-mail messages and IM are admitted as legal evidence in any business or harassment cases.

3) Decrease the work efficiency of employers:

The IM has been a root cause of distraction among the employers in office hours. Many of the employers use this messaging facility as for their personal communication and gossips in the office. Thus, it declines the work productivity of the business.

Is it right to give an access to IM in working areas?

Any technology system and applications have their own drawbacks and effects if used excessively. The use of IM is very important in business world, as everyone wants to have the answers and results within a fraction of seconds and of course, no one wants to work with old-fashioned business rules. The IM helps you face new challenges on a bigger platform and also give you feedback and improvement tips instantly. Thus, you can make your business grow and improve together, using this IM.

Talking about the employer’s excess usage; you can tighten up the security and protocols. There are many end-to-end security, firewalls, and encryption methods for restricting the hackers to enter your organization and provides additional security to the mobile users and employees.