In the most precise way, the definition of an Entrepreneur is “Be a DOER; not a DREAMER”!

As it is rightly said that- “A true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer”!

Undoubtedly, the road to entrepreneurship starts at different stages for different people. Some establish themselves at a very young age of 20 and for some of them; it can even take 50 years or more. But in both the cases, entrepreneurs have been employees at some point in their life. It makes a huge difference when you work for yourself as compared to that when you work for someone else. These two are just different things from company owner point of view and from an employee point of view respectively.

To be recognized as an entrepreneur, the very first step is to be ready to venture out on your own. This is the best way to go through a smooth transition without getting trapped into the employee shell as you were previously an employee. Besides that, the entrepreneur needs to redefine the way of approach towards the professionals light. You just need to have enough courage and confidence for making the transition from being an employee to the entrepreneur.

Some of the most important traits of being successful as an entrepreneur are as follows:

1.    Multitasking:

From the entrepreneur point of view, multitasking means to be ready and willing to fill in the place when you don’t have the resource or manpower. You just don’t think of the type of job and if you are resourceful, you step forward to fill that place. Besides this, multitasking helps in understanding different domains of business thereby running the business smoothly.

On the contrary- considering the employee point of view; multitasking usually means handling different kinds of job, simultaneously. As an employee, they are restricted to the limited work that belongs to the kind of profile that they hold. Thus, there is a wide difference in multitasking as an employee and multitasking as an entrepreneur.

2.    Resilience:

Being an employed as professionals at any organization, if you are not happy with specific job or profile, you can easily plan to switch job. Even though it is not that much easy to change the job but there is an option always ready for the employees as there is no obligation to getting stuck with just one employer.

On the contrary, as an entrepreneur, you cannot quit your job as saying no is a ‘STRICT NO’ for them. You have to survive in this competitive world as you just cannot step back every time pressure bogs you down. The best option, in this case, is to list down the pros and cons before you plan to venture out on your own. This will keep you mentally prepared as you will most probably having solution to your problems when you run your own business.

3.    Considering the value of the company resources:

Let us all agree with the fact that as an employee, we become quite inconsiderate when it comes to the company resources. Not all, but some of the employees do not care about company resources and end up damaging the resources while increasing the expenses of the company.

Being an entrepreneur, this is a complete role reversal! Yes, one learns how to value company resources and also has to be answerable for each and every penny spent. This makes entrepreneurs more attentive towards the resources they offer to the employee and take steps to avoid such expenses.

4.    De-compartmentalizing:

From the employee point of view, it is natural that they are quite rigid about the work they have been assigned as well as the areas they want to operate in, but considering entrepreneur point of view, they have to be flexible. Being an entrepreneur, you must have knowledge of each and every process, functions as well as activities going around while helping to make it quite a profitable business as compare to what you have invested. Besides that, the goal of your business also matters to a greater extent making you the king of your business.


Summing up the post, it can be said that being an entrepreneur is an exciting journey yet there are many important points to consider before finally plunging into the making of a business owner. You will experience strategic change once you plan to build your career as an entrepreneur from being an employee of an organization. All the Best to your journey as an entrepreneur!