The future belongs to them. And that is why there are so many startups in UK are working on achieving a higher level success with Robotics. Since there are entrepreneurs in the UK who would love to follow the footsteps of Captain Richards & A.H. Reffell who had build the first one in 1928.

The robot named Eric had created a great hype across the globe before it was considered to be a technological failure. The Kickstarter campaign has raised the fund for Eric to be active once again.

Eric attended the Science Museum in 2017, and it is considered to be worked with android in nearer future. By 2021, the robotics market will reach a milestone of $226 billion worldwide. This was stated by a market intelligence company Tractica.

There is another support to the industry in the UK, which is from Britbots CROWD. It is a crowdfunding platform for the companies who have successfully gained faith to give promising future.

Here are some of the startup companies that are doing their best in the field of robotics:

1. ZOA Robotics

The company aims towards building cost effective robots that are inspired by nature. The machine which has four legs and can move like an animal also on uneven surfaces and different levels is there main focus. These machines are made to use in industrial units and oil rigs.

The founder and CEO of ZOA Robotics, Mr. Thiago Azevedo said, “We are building a four-legged robot about the size of a dog. Customers need only tell it where to go, and the robot automatically negotiates obstacles, uneven terrain and stairs.”


The company was founded in 2017 and in the same year it becomes the first company ever to get the British Robotics Seed Fund. The fund is specially created for robotics.

The fund of £85,000 will be used to enhance the controlling ability of the machine and also its ability to carry heavier loads.

2. Botskill

The company is more into creating machines that help brands to use robots to take care of their daily customer enquiries. Botskill has created a SaaS platform which offers fast no-code chatbot generation for better business.

The bots are auto-generated and they are multi channeled. It allows customers to be accessed using different messaging apps and also voice command devices. The conversational information gets turned into insights by analytics and it enhances the efficiency.

The Botskill was also founded in 2017. The company’s CEO is Andy Wilkins and CTO is Lee Skyrme and they are also the founders. It is listed on the Britbots CROWD investment platform. The prediction is that once the project will be in the practice, 85 percent of customers will not require human interaction to manage their relations with enterprises.

3 Reach Robotics

The company is heading toward to create monster robots. These robots will be controlled by mobile devices and the monster robots will be used with video games. The company founded in 2014 and since then, it has created more than thirty prototypes. The final design will be released commercially is MekaMon.

Augmented reality is the concept. The machines are customizable and allow players to engage in combat. The customers can buy it at $275 or £224. In seed funding, the company has secured $250,000 (£200,575).

4 Primo Toys

The company is dedicated to provide the advanced technology of robotics to children. The company offers one of kind solution for children to play, create and learn with technology. The first robot from the company was wooden and designed to teach children how to code through tactile learning. The name of the robot was Cubetto. Using the colored blocks to the map placed on the floor, children can direct the robot.


Matteo Loglio and Filippo Yacob have founded the company in 2013 with the aim to make children creator of technology. From the funding, the company has gathered $1.18 million (£950,000). One of the investors in the company is Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Mark Zuckerberg. Cubetto is available in the market at the price of $225 (£180).

With great efforts with dedication from such startups, we will see that many industries will have robots to carry of one of more tasks. Let’s hope for the best and wait for the time, when things will be available for the direct use of common people.