The Business-to-Business e-commerce markets are growing faster and creating a revolution. The evolution of online stores for shopping and dealing purposes, made the businessmen expand their brands and products all around the globe with ease. Today the consumers choose to shop through the online stores, rather than from B2C market. Therefore, more focus is being given on online marketing and developing it more for more easy access and new experience to the customers. Many of the international brands and companies are investing in Indian marketing and gaining impressive profit out of it. For those investors who are still having second thoughts to invest in Indian marketplace then, here are some benefits you will have, by investing in this golden fortune market:

1) It will boost our India’s economy:

Being an Indian, it is our responsibility to be a part of its economic growth. As we all know and discussed above; India is still growing in e-commerce sector. Reports and statistics claim that, in coming years, e-commerce will contribute 15-20% in our GDP rate. We cannot deny to this fact that, it was alone e-commerce sites, which helped us through the difficult days of demonetization. The crisis and shortage of money on hands led to families go under rough phases. At that time, it was alone e-commerce stores, which helped through all payments and purchase; big and small. That was the time when, the necessity of e-commerce stores and cashless payment was felt to the Indian citizens. Therefore, investing in Indian market will boost our economy to full extent.

2) The whole structure of B2B e-commerce will change:

The idea of going cashless transaction proved to be the best decision of government. Today, many private funding can be seen through e-commerce sites. Also, it created new means of business possibilities and are doing good in online marketplace. Other then generating a transparency in business, the idea of B2B market made the marketplace intelligence reaches to the large sections. Thus, the risk taking capability of a company became more predictable. Hence, the movement of Government to bring B2B purchases online succeeded to some extent but, still miles to go.

3) Acceleration via digital process:

Almost all the entrepreneurs, wholesalers, buyers, and producers (small and big business) are keenly interested in digitization of B2B e-commerce sites. Let us know why:-

·     The use of e-commerce stores for shopping purposes is increasing tremendously.

·     The act of bringing companies online has effected massively with huge amount of increase in profit.

·     It looks like digitization has adopted the social media channels for marketing and branding activities.

·     Special cloud solutions are provided for SMB (Server Message Block).

Out of all the factors listed above, the main reason is Government pushing for digital payment and GST. Thus, it created digital acceleration in entrepreneurs sectors.

4) The implementation of GST on all products and purchase:

This is the core benefit of B2B sectors in investing Indian marketplace. The implementation of GST caused a uniform tax regime on every product. Now, the merchants don’t have to pay taxes outside of their home state. The e-commerce market and its nationwide access will make the business gain profit from every part of India. Thus, this will increase the business and market of India by eliminating the middlemen in business process.

5) It decreases the risk of business:

After going through the above points, this might be clear that, B2B markets are less risky than B2C. This is because, the mindset of people dealing with B2B entrepreneurs are same. The way of running their business and ideas relate to each other. The B2B marketplace allows the access to more information about the trending products, their utilizations and capacities. This helps a lot to configure the business trends and improve them in the next production. These in formations are really helpful for identifying and preventing the risks in a systematic way.

6) Cost of products goes down:

You need not to worry about the amount of expenses on running a B2B marketplace. This is because, the major expense area i.e., the business expansion on multiple channels and product development, gets eliminated, as everything is done via online process. The B2C marketplace requires a lot of advertisement of products and promotion in multiple fields. The e-commerce business saves you these efforts and hassles.

7) Assures guaranteed profit in B2B industry buying:

When talked about B2C market, fixing a deal with the company of same inline business doesn’t assure you guarantee. There are many reasons behind this failure like, non-visibility, non-transparency in process, frauds and rivals of business. But, this is not in the case of B2B marketplace because; they keep transparency in their work. The products sold and purchased are shown clearly with digitization process.

Last but not the least, be it a B2B or B2C marketplace; every business process has its pros and cons. It’s the matter of your choice. It depends on you as for, which mode of business you want to choose and earn profits in business growth with peace of mind assured.