You have built a customer friendly website and launched your ecommerce business. While you might be seeing positive results at par with your expectations, it is time to elevate your expectations and smash your own boundaries. Most ecommerce businesses do not optimize their potential as they are unaware of a few simple basics that can turn a business around and maximize profits. Ecommerce business is not very different than traditional business. The main thing to understand is the customer psyche. With evolving customers, you need to evolve to not just give them what they need but more. How will you do that?

Strategize from scratch

A website that beautifully describes all the services you offer is not enough today. Google is increasing its focus on rich quality content and you need to buck up for the same. While you build the website, make sure the content is SEO friendly.

No matter how rich the quality of your content is, it is wrong to presume it will be compelling enough for a customer to make a purchase. This is where you push in the extra bit. Engage your customers and encourage them to write product reviews and ask them to rate your services.

Stand out from the crowd

Doesn’t matter if you are operating in a mature market where there is little scope for niche positioning. There is always something you can offer that your competitors can’t and make sure to publicize that extra bit. Most companies aren’t directly involved with their customers. Communicating with them will give them a personalized approach that will make them come back for more.

You can also innovate with existing services by adding a little twist on them. You can offer them extended warranty or free shipping or the fastest shipping! This way you can build a distinct positioning for yourself.

Sell more

You must be thinking that is easier said than done. But believe me; a little understanding of customer buying behavior and you can easily increase the average purchase quantities ordered by customers.

  • You can start by offering a wide range of products suitable to the targeted audience. This will make them spend more time on your website
  • Offer them complimentary products. Cross selling goes a long way in increasing profits.
  • You can add options like ‘recommended products’ or ‘others also bought’. This will definitely increase your average orders.

Make it simple

Every particular step in the shopping process must be uncomplicated so that no customer is demotivated to buy. For example, you can offer multiple payment options suitable for all customers. Increase your delivery range, payment options, EMI options, etc to make the purchasing process lucrative, simple and appalling!

Do not ignore the power of marketing

After you have mastered your selling process, it is time to think about marketing. There are many marketing tools that will increase your visibility in the market and walk you towards an elevated customer base. Understand tools like SEO marketing, PPC marketing and SEM marketing. Analyze your industry, you target audience, buying behaviour and carefully invest into these tool to optimize sales!