Chatbots are the newest trend in all kinds of messaging apps. People now prefer simple, fast and meaningful chat with bots rather than going through pages of content and number of websites to get the desired information or to complete a single desired task.

What Is A Chatbot?

A chatbot can be termed as a virtual assistant that can engage customers 24X7 and improve their experience. These cots can be easily scalable to manage a wide range of customers. They are known to give an instant response that boosts customer satisfaction.

This assistant communicates with the user generally in texts. This virtual companion easily integrates into the websites, applications, or instant messengers so that can communicate with the user with a personal touch. 

Why Chatbot Have Became a New Trend?

According to Global Web Index statistics, 75% on internet users adapt to one or more messenger platforms. With so much increase in popularity of messaging and social media platforms, chatbots have become the center of business messaging. More and more companies are joining the trend because can see the few advantages of having chatbots incorporated into their business.


Benefits of Chatbots for Customers

The main propose of developing chatbot is to work as assistant to humans and engage them 24X7, so that the customer would leave the website or app highly satisfied. Most customers prefer interacting with a bot than a human because of few advantages, which include:

  • Instant response: Customers wish to have immediate response for their query. They get frustrated or move to another site if they do not get the required reply. The chatbots help customers receive immediate response and do not make the customers wait. 
  • 24X7 support: It is not possible for any company to employ support agents 24 X7. Immediate response is very important for customers, even after business hours, during the absence of the core team. Chatbots can be programmed to manage simple customer queries with automated replies.
  • Bookings: Studies show that almost 50% of customers buy from a chatbot. Hence investing in a chatbot would help in increasing the sales of a business. Few bots are trained to make the necessary bookings or the customer.

Since the customers enjoy these benefits as it saves them a lot of time, they prefer coming back to the site for any future requirement as well.

Influence of Chatbots on Businesses

It has been observed that more and more business are opting for bots over humans in the customer service industry field as a very positive trend can be seen with chatbots. The use of chatbots has helped in reduced cost for live support along with increased customer database. Few ways in which how chatbots are influencing the customers include:

  • Increased customer engagement: Bots help in keeping the customers engaged continuously with their prompt answers. It enhances customer satisfaction as they feel they had a real-time conversation with a human.  This would make the customers feel that they are important for the business, thus increasing user experience.
  • Time-Saving: Chatbots helps business by attending the basic needs of the customers in the first level. If the customer is not satisfied with the bot, a well-trained technician would attend them and solve their problem, thus reducing the burden of the human employee and saving their time.
  • Reduced Human Errors: Repetitive work and long duration of work could lead to few errors by humans. Chatbots are best way to provide services without any mistakes or errors and reduced complications. The programs guarantee the accuracy, which plays a crucial role in business.
  • Better Team Performance: Chatbots cannot replace the role of humans, but can help reduce their burden. Chatbots can be used for basic queries like order status, return policy, delivery time etc. The other tasks can be handled by humans thus help in increasing sales and productivity.
  • Better Lead Generation: Most businesses operate across various platforms like website, Facebook etc. The AI chatbots communicate with the customers in an effortless way, thus leaving the customer highly satisfied as they provide top class recommendations and suggestions to their customers. They follow a preset questionnaire to persuade potential customers into making a purchase.


Business can enjoy a number of benefits across businesses. Chatbots help in providing automated responses which are crucial for industries like customer service, sales and marketing. It is better to manage a business with chatbots as they engage customers promptly and give them complete satisfaction.