Tesla- was once considered an epitome of the innovative automation industry, but this is said to change soon. Yes, this Elon-Musk led company which is regarded as a leader in the field may face tough competition, from none other than the tech giant – Apple Inc. Speculations make rounds that the company is working on the fully autonomous electric vehicle, which could be launched in as early as 2024, as it is still at an early stage.

‘Project Titan’— A driverless electric car from Apple, featuring its battery technology, is back on track. This project aims to radically reduce the cost of batteries and boosts the vehicle’s range. Sources reveal that they aim to produce a car that would drive the user to the destination, with no or minimum engagement. The user would need to update the system with the destination details to perform as per expectations.

Brief History of Project Titan

Apple announced a project in 2014 to build an electric car. It started its effort by hiring thousands of hardware engineers. Around 2016, it shifted its focus to the self-driving car system. Apple cut down on the number of team members in the period 2016-2019. A few experts were retained, who worked on the car project or jumped to other projects.

Apple has formed a considerable team, which includes a few senior members from the automotive gain Tesla. Though, the project has not seen any significant progress from the announcement time; but, it looks like the project is on track again, undoubtedly a massive relief for employees working on the project. The few noteworthy Tesla’s ex-employees, who joined Apple, include Mr Doug Field and Mr Steve MacManus. The company is known to be in talks with popular auto-manufacturing companies Like Hyundai to make some headway in the project.

Striking features of this innovation

  • New battery design: the efforts to build a personal vehicle for the mass market are in progress. The tech giant is also planning to launch a hi-tech battery that could lessen the battery cost and augment the vehicle’s range. The company plans to use a unique “mono cell” design that provides free space inside the battery pack, as the individual cell would be bulked up.
  • Manufacturing partner: Sources reveal that Apple might reckon manufacturing partners to bring life to this vision. The tech giant also plans to reduce the scope of its efforts to an autonomous driving system integrated into a car made by the traditional automaker.
  • Profit-making: the company has been employing hundreds of employees for the ‘Project Titan’. Though there have been many lay-offs since the initial phase, no other company can pull off the project successfully, keeping their financial condition stable.

What can you get from Apple’s Latest Innovation Efforts?

Innovation always does not result in positive results. The expectations of this much-discussed project are:

  • Integration of self-driving system with an electric version of vehicles
  • Use of “lidar” sensors, which provides a three-dimensional view of the road, which feature on Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro models
  • High tech sensor hardware and chip technologies to give that cutting edge over other competitors
  • Minimum user interaction and maximum accuracy with the help of Artificial General Intelligence and deep learning algorithms

Apple has set an example of design, performance and durability, of course, high prices too. This history of perfection has led to high-expectations. At the moment, consumers are expecting a self-driving car technology that is flawless. It is to be noted that a few companies like Tesla, Waymo and Uber are looking for such version as they plan to launch Robo-taxi services.

Apple has been reserved until recently and just leaked information about the project through unnamed sources. It gives them a chance to backtrack on the project, mainly due to the COVID situation and the uncertainty of such tasks.