In a corporate arena, once you become a leader, you have many critical things to handle that further evaluate the performance of your team. Being the leader of any team, you need to manage bulk of responsibilities, make significant decisions especially when there are multiple projects and tasks lined up and needs your attention. As a result, it needs some basic capabilities to deal with various high-priority projects, any kind of emergency situation and makes several decisions that could further affect the fate of your company for a longer term.

No doubt, you can easily handle all of these by yourself as this would be the only deciding factor to make you the leader of a team. So, having a talented team of employees under you is a great thing. But challenges come after this. Have you ever thought how are you going to delegate right projects to the right resources, especially when there are multiple projects and all needs immediate attention? How would you prioritize your tasks and other lined up projects when everything needs attention at the same time? The answer is to “Reprioritize” your tasks.

Need to reprioritize tasks:

Based on the urgency and the importance of an item, the tasks are usually lined up one after other giving those different priorities, right? The urgent and important tasks are assigned highest priority and those having least urgency and not important are placed at the lowest priority level.

But there is a much smarter way to deal with the prioritization of tasks and approach in a much effective way. This includes handling tasks through various dimensions that includes profitability of each of them, the speed by which it can be finished, the current resources assigned to it as well as the value of the clients or the invested parties who are involved with the project.

How to assign resources?

The next thing to consider is assigning resources to the projects that are on your to-do list and needs immediate attention to it. Ensure that you have the right means to review and assign the resources to your projects. Many companies opt for the resource management software that is specially designed to let you go through the capacities, skills as well as the availability of the employees. Besides that, it lets you list down the descriptions and prioritizations of each of the project in the queue.

Through this, the management can go through the visual approach, understands the distribution of the resources as well as demands of the projects. The graphical representation makes it easy to use the information in assessing the distribution as the project unfolds or gets completed.

What to look during team selection?

Majority of the companies agree with the fact that the ability to communicate and injecting passion into their teams are the biggest strengths of their team and this is what they further look in any team selection.

The fact is employees are the only ones who deliver all their hard work in making any of the projects successful. As a result, it becomes important to choose right candidates for the right task, right priority, and most importantly right position. Resource management software makes this process easier as it helps to select right candidates based on the skill set and workloads of the employees.

Besides these, you also have to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the employees and the technicality of how they balance the critical situations. This makes the project completion more efficiently and effectively.

Assigning employees to projects:

This is the most important part of executing your projects the best way. It is important to assign the right project to right leads and managers who are usually responsible to work on the project and execute it on time. For this, you need to also assess the type of project you have in your court and assign it according to the strength of employees. Yes, this is a crucial decision, but this is what the actual role of team leader is!


Summarizing the post, it could be said that this is how you need to manage and allocate resources when everything needs to be done with utmost priority. There are chances that you may get wrong at any point but this is how the role of team leader works. You need to experience everything and so it is rightly said that “Experience is the best teacher”