If you are a business or have your own website then you know the importance of visibility on the internet. SEO plays a king’s role in making your website visible. While there are many other factors that can affect your website visibility. The main thing you need to focus on is Themes. Some themes are poorly written and are not SEO friendly. Such themes can affect SEO in a negative way.

Selection of proper theme is very important; otherwise, the performance of SEO can affect your website negatively.

The following point can affect your SEO results in low ranking and bad user experience:

  • Incapable of removing spam links. Some free WordPress themes are used in campaigns to collect leads, but it comes with codes and links, which can prove to be harmful to websites organic visibility.
  • Poor user experience can increase the bounce rate
  • On Google’s SEO scrutiny, non-mobile friendly theme will suffer
  •  Poor design will results in lower average time per page, which will give an impression to Google that your content is unnecessary to conclude with a low ranking.
  • Latest updates and full support. There are very less free and low-cost themes which provide proper security and regular updates. These make your site open to all hacking risks and poor SEO results.

These all will affect adversely to your SEO results. So, here are 5 WordPress themes which are popular for SEO visibility. This list will give you an insightful overview of how these themes strengthen your SEO performance


According to Brian Dean, renowned SEO expert, SEO WP is highly recommended by him for SEO optimized WordPress themes.

  • This ultimate theme provides some unbelievable fast speed load time of three seconds, which will increase the performance of SEO of the website.
  • Whether it’s a mobile, I Pad, or laptop, your website will look great on any webpage.
  • Updates in every month to provide the best-written Code for SEO.
  • It comes with an attractive lightweight design.

With these amazing features, this page comes with live composer page builder, which allows you to customize the theme in any layout


BOOMBOX is a content sharing theme; it allows the user to experience some out of box things. It is specifically designed for SEO because the main function of this theme is to share viral content.

Matching with Reddit, boombox comes with a simple front-end submission with which visitors can submit the content for voting without going in the back admin section. You can vote by selecting your favorite emoji in this theme.


It is a multipurpose SEO optimized WordPress theme, which is famous for its high-quality product. It has some specially tailored version of Visual Composer’s drag-and-drop builder, which can make a beginners website to a pro version in no time

Salient comes with some amazing 150+ professionally designed templates, which helps your site to work reliably and up to the standard. It contains some exceptional 3500 icons, varieties of 700 different fonts and unlimited colors to make your website looks like a pro.


This is the most renowned theme of 2017. It takes the WordPress theme market to the level of possibilities by introducing the concepts of stacks. It has 4 stacks to select from

  • Integrity: reliable for professionals
  • Renew: Under this stack, it will showcase your content in a simple and reliable format, which will be beneficial for your website SEO
  • Icon: it is made for modern blogging sites
  • Ethos: it will highlight the engaging content that promotes CTR


As far as SEO is considered, Schema is among the best preferable websites for SEO visibility. It gives SEO support to the website with less loading time. It is covered as the fastest loading ultra friendly SEO WordPress theme on the market. This theme always echoed with a 5-star rating on MyThemeShop website

So, these are the 5 best WordPress themes which will give you a benefit of SEO visibility. These all themes are perfect with their own features. Now, you have to decide according to your need and affordability.