While we were young and watched movies; the way they portrait toxic bosses were way too funny and rolled us on floors but; it was all virtual. In reality; if you are working with one of them then it’s not at all funny. A difficult boss can really contaminate the working environment and the employer’s feels suffocated working. This not just affects your health but can also lower your self-esteem. So, the question is; how to deal with these kinds of bosses without you going under maddening situations?

Below are listed some of the types of bosses we come across and techniques to tackle with them:

1) The Dictator:

The dictator ones believe in making the decisions constantly on their own in order to feed his/her ego. All the think about is maintaining their power and position and threaten their employers to do as he says or they get fired. For a better understanding; a dictator classifies his employers as a gang boarding a ship. The intellectual ones who challenge his ideas and concerns are treated as disobedient. Those who support his decisions and show gestures to prove their loyalty are considered as mates and those who are less capable of performing are the ones who clean the decks.

How to counteract with a dictator:

It’s a bit painful to do but present your ideas in such a way that it gives a portion of the credit to your boss too. This way, they can satisfy their ego and will not reject your ideas completely. Show them what benefit is left for him to imply your idea. Appreciate his words time to time. This way you can get to his good side.

2) The Micromanager:

These types of bosses will always scrutinize your work and make you feel that you are under constant observation. It is merely impossible to satisfy these bosses with your work. Your papers will be holding back even if it isn’t stapled or you messed up with your handwriting. These types of bosses need perfection in every inch of your work. A single imperfection will lead to a total shutdown of your ideas and presentation. Working with them makes employers discouraged, and some even start to doubt their own capabilities.

 How to counteract a micromanager:

The successful people around you appeal to their micromanagers. You need to do the same. Be flexible with your work and more competent in a disciplined way. Communicate with your boss. Ask for their opinions because; a micromanager is always drawn to those who constantly work under his envisions. Try asking about the plans for your project, check for the updates rapidly, and don’t forget to ask for his feedback.

3) The Unskilled ones:

This category of boss was promoted in a hurry and now owns the position that is beyond their capabilities. Well, you cannot underestimate their capabilities because there are employers who have been serving the company for a longer period of time and keeps him up-to-date.

How to counteract an unskilled one:

Working with this type of boss can drag you to a frustrating situation because you know something that he/she lacks. But; you need to swallow your ego and take this golden opportunity. Share the details and information with your boss and let them know about the things that can prove their role in the company. This way, you can become the most trustworthy ally.

4) The out of place ones:

This type of boss is way too friendly with their employers and by friendly doesn’t mean the fun one. They will force you to hang out in places and all you can do is a nod in frustration in order to save your job. He has his own favorites and not so liking employers. This creates a division among the employers too, as they feel insulted for their dedication. Any tough decisions cannot be taken by these bosses without involving their mates. If he dislikes an employer on personal grounds then he can fire them without any valid reasons. This type of boss is the most toxic one, as business growth is no more their prime concern but they get dawned only in office gossips.

How to counteract the out of place ones:

The first thing you need to do is set a boundary with your boss. Well, that doesn’t mean you become a conservative one but; don’t allow his power of position to intimidate you. By creating a firm boundary, you can proactively handle the situation if it goes out of limits. For an instance, you can be friends with your boss all throughout the day but; choose to say “NO” if he asks you for drinks after the work. The difficulty arises when you are constantly maintaining your boundaries but your boss is persistent in his nature. A firm boundary can still win his heart. You can still be his ally.

5) The Robot:

For such type of boss, you are just a number for him and all he understands is a numerical figure and numeric language. This type of boss will immediately shut down your ideas if, the conclusion of your presentation doesn’t please him with some statistics and graphs. He doesn’t communicate with the employers but; the attendance record does for him to judge an employer. Your promotion will solely depend on the days you have worked and took leave.

How to counteract a robot:

To make a robot understand your language, you need to talk like a robot. If you are planning to discuss an idea with him then you better have a backup in statistics and numeric figure. Once you convince him with your data then you can push him out of his comfort zone. Schedule more face-to-face meetings with him and try to respond some of his emails by knocking his door. This can be a win-win situation for you and your boss too.