For any WordPress developer, the starting period is crucial. They are full of excitement to create their new blog or website. However, when they don’t have the complete knowledge and experience, it is easy to get confused. If you have just entered the world of developers and you are worried about making mistakes and at the same time you are under pressure for finishing the project. Well, such situations allow you to grow as a better developer. The initial period needs spending with trial and error method.

Your aim should be to spend more time in creating fresh content and understanding clients’ requirement. There is no need to pay too much attention to updating, troubleshooting, and tweaking.

1 How to select the theme?

You should be very careful in selecting a theme. You have plenty of options and there are high chances for any beginner to get confused so easily. However, you also have some good successful WordPress themes which are very popular and you can customize them easily. If you want suggestions then you should first try your hands on Genesis and Divi as they are user-friendly and you don’t have to try too hard for dealing with it. Apart from that, you have a large community that you can always look up to for support.

2 Always have back up:

If you are a beginner then you don’t know the fear of having a white screen. All your day’s work is just blank and you have to start again. To prevent such trauma, you need to learn backing up. When you make backing up the data of your site your habit then you don’t have to worry when there comes a time when you cannot access your site just because it’s hacked or at the time of breakdown due to some defective plugin.

3. The importance of having a search engine friendly site:

There are many things that you need to take care of to make your website up to the mark and one of the most important ones is to make your website search engine in a friendly way. This is crucial to get more business. If possible try to take help from a professional who knows the details of SEO. What you can do yourself is to have an SEO plugin and adjust your permalink settings.

4 Get best in class Security:

Everyone understands the importance of security and with a WordPress site, it is not that hard and it is also less time-consuming. You can make it secured with just three steps.

You need to use different and longer password which also includes numbers symbols instead of repeating just one. You can always use a password generator for securing it quickly.

Regular site updating is also important for better security. This shuts the backdoors which are hackers’ paradise. WordPress notifies you immediately when an update is available. You just need to click.

Installing security plugin keeps your site secure with virus and malware. If you have no idea which one can work perfectly for you then you should go for the Wordfence and All In One WP Security and Firewall.

5 Encourage Communication:

Once your site is secured and customer friendly, you need to find ways for better communications with your readers, followers, and customers. Some of them will have queries, some them will have questions and some of them will have complains about your product or service. You need to pay good attention to them as they are the indicators showing you which area you need give more attention to. Some of them will love what you have written and some would ask for joining them. You need to take all that feedback seriously and return to them as soon as possible with a correct solution.


You will face many hurdles when you create your first WordPress site. You may face many ups and downs and rather more downs than ups. So, the point is to be clear what you want and go after it with improved skills and more knowledge. If you are not capable of designing the entire website on your own, you can at least learn how you can make minor changes yourself it is less time consuming and also affordable.